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  • The outbreak of Covid-19 has compelled a large portion of the worldwide population to face interruption and troubles. People are facing immense challenges in staying indoors for days and months. A majority of people might be praying for the lockdown to end. But staying at home is the only way to minimize the spreading of infection. In India, the Government has become more strict and harsh about the rules and restrictions in the lockdown period. The time comes to raise patience. Life does not seem to be getting back to normal soon, even after the lockdown. So, marinating precautionary measures becomes compulsory to enhance safety and health.

  • Elder aged and people with some critical health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart problems, and hypertension are facing a severe challenge in this pandemic period. They have increased risks to be affected by the virus as well as their mortality rate is higher than normal people. What do they do to raise safety and health?

  • The teleconsultation clinic is a great initiative to bring world-class health care services to the place and time that suits you best. While scheduling an appointment is challenging, it brings the best opportunity to get the right treatment. Distance is not an issue when you take the advantages of teleconsultation service for higher comfort and convenience.

  • Dr. Amitabha Saha is a dedicated and gold-medalist doctor in Kolkata with experience for over two decades. He is serving the nation relentlessly to increase safety and health during this pandemic time. To provide more protection against the infection, he has launched his teleconsultation clinic where patients get high-quality consultation services without a physical visit to the clinic. Teleconsultation service is a great endeavor to maintain social distancing and, thus, reduces the risks of being infected by the virus. People suffering from fever and cough are more vulnerable to get the infection. They can get the facilities of the teleconsultation clinic, provided by this renowned doctor. Call the doctor, explain your health issues, and get the best suggestions and treatment.

The details of the smart clinic are as follows:

Teleconsultation: +91 - 98300 43059

Timing: 8-10pm every day