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Doctors specializing in internal medicine are usually primary care physicians or doctors of internal medicine, specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult ailments. Dr Saha is trained in internal medicine & Critical care medicine specialist in South Kolkata and he is an experienced service provider of the following ailments:

Acute respiratory infections and Asthma

Bronchitis and Pneumonia

Diabetes, High blood cholesterol and triglycerides

Fatigue or lack of energy

High blood pressure or hypertension

Influenza virus aided ailments

Hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid gland

Chronic abdominal diseases

Chest pain due to various reasons

A migraine or a severe headache, especially starting from a single side of the head

Geriatric Patients

ICU Patients

Kidney Diseases

Both acute and chronic ailments in the above areas are treated in Internal Medicine units. An emergency situation may arise in any of the areas. Prevention is always better than cure. However, even after immense care and well-balanced lifestyle; a person may experience an emergency as well as critical care conditions. Some of them are even life-threatening and requires extensive Critical Care units as well as expert doctors in the relevant field. Getting experience after proper training in these areas is not at all easy. However, Dr Saha has immense knowledge, training and expertise in the Critical Care and Intensive Care area and he has gathered experience in this for more than 17 years. He and his team can look after such critical situations with cool brain and do the needful like arranging life support or monitoring devices as per the need. Mostly organ failure conditions of a patient require such care unit.

If you or any patient of you experiences any such ailments, you can give a call to the above-mentioned number to reach Dr Saha and improve the health conditions.